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Tower Stats

Get detailed stats about every Paragon and some Heroes in Bloons TD 6 such as damage or pierce, including the degree/hero level calculators.


Recent Boss Events

Look at the latest boss events' details and ranked leaderboards for normal and elite, sometimes including events that haven't appeared in-game yet.


Recent Race Events

Look at the latest race events' details and leaderboards, sometimes including events that haven't appeared in-game yet.


Custom Map Finder

Find any verified custom map in Bloons TD 6 by its map code and get the map image along with relevant stats about the map.

Extra Resources

Discord Community

The BTD6 Central Discord Server is where I give complete details about every new change to the website. I also accept feedback and bug reports. If you find something wrong, or if you just want something changed, the Discord server is the best way to get my attention about it!

Cyber Quincy

by hemidemisemipresent, rmlrmlrml, and others

A frequently updated community-maintained Discord bot that has everything you'd ever need to know with Bloons TD 6. With dozens upon dozens of commands, Cyber Quincy is the most in-depth BTD6 Discord bot.

BTD6 Index

website made by lordlandmaster

Stay up to date on the biggest challenges players are taking on in Bloons TD 6, or get tips on high-level gameplay.

Battles 2 Popology

by emilplane

Get Tower and Hero stats about Battles 2 and visit related sites from the Battles 2 Popology. It is currently the most extensive resource for Bloons TD Battles 2.

About BTD6 Central

Much of BTD6 Central is powered by the Ninja Kiwi API, a resource provided by Ninja Kiwi to give developers easy access to in-game info. You can read more about it here. The OAK ID you provide for your player profile can't be used to track any sensitive information, so OAK IDs are safe to share and use.

Other info such as Paragon stats, Bloon stats, and Boss stats are provided by myself and some others. There may be some inaccuracies with these stats, so please report it to the BTD6 Central Discord if you have any concerns.